K9 Who Sacrificed His Life To Protect And To Serve, Gets Unforgettable Sendoff (video)

Updated January 23, 2018

A police dog that has served for eight years fighting crime walked out of the police station for the final time this week. The service dog, Belgian Malinois, nicknamed Bronx, has served with the Bakersfield Police Department for most of his life. At nine years old, he is ready for retirement and was overjoyed to receive the abundant applause at his retirement ceremony.

As Bronx excited the police station in Bakersfield, California, he was greeted with a round of applause from his human colleagues.

Bronx was much loved during his years on the force. He helped protect and serve the citizens of Bakersfield while also improving the lives and jobs of the other police officers.

But no one will miss seeing Bronx on the job more than his handler Senior Officer Chris Dalton.

Dalton walked Bronx out of the police station for the last time. And he was overwhelmed with emotion because Bronx had been with him for years.

Bronx was trained to serve in the SWAT team and find narcotics. And he has been a sniffer dog since 2014.

But now that this service dog has officially retired, he will join Chris and his family at their home as a regular companion. And Bronx is excited about his much more relaxed life with his beloved family.

A spokesman for the Bakersfield Police Department said: “Bronx has served our department with his handler, Senior Officer Chris Dalton, for eight years. He is one of the longest-serving K9s our agency has ever had. Chris and Bronx have been partners since January 2010, and have served on the SWAT team since 2014.

“Bronx has done numerous demos for schools and tour groups at our department, and has been awarded many awards throughout the years for his dedication, skills, and work. Thank you for being a loyal K9 all these years, Bronx.”

At the dog’s proper send-off, more than two dozen colleagues cheered him on as he ventures into the next chapter of his life – retirement.

Readers of Mail Online shared their thoughts about this service dog’s retirement:

“Love this picture, such a handsome dog. Thank you so much for your service, Bronx. Hope you have a relaxing retirement.”

“I love you, doggy. Enjoy your time off. Thank you for your service. Thanks for putting your life on the line for us. You’re so beautiful. I just love you.”

One person shared his distaste for California cops.

“You got to love California police officers. They make $200K-$300K per year, retiring after 20 years to almost full pay, and they spend their days doing things like this instead of patrolling the street.”

While this one reader from the United Kingdom wanted to spread hate, all others shared positive comments, like the following:

“Great job, Chris and Bronx, for keeping each other safe during the working years. Bronx, now enjoy the backyard and all the family love and attention. Go get, boy!”

Watch the enjoyable clip below. What’s your reaction to this K9’s retirement? Does he deserve a break from law enforcement?